Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back 2 Skool!

Wow summer is really over. At the end of every summer I always say that it has gone by quick, but this summer has definately gone by way too fast! We are finishing school shopping today and my mom gets to send us off to school early Monday morning. We all have been getting up around 10ish every morning so when Monday comes the morning should be interesting! Some fun activities we have done this summer are:

-Basketball/football camps
-trips to Jackson Hole (pig wrestling)
-got my grandpa's dog! (by the way a while ago he peed on my moms foot=)
-Hung with friends
-swimming/water parties
-got to be with friends from Spain!
-family came home from Indiana!
-visiting some old friends

Wow I honestly can't remember all that I did this summer! But there is a list of some. It has been a good summer and honestly I am kind of excited for school. Hope you all have had a great summer too!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Well once again I haven't updated my blog in a while and have still been busy with facebook. Summer is so busy for us I can't remember all that we have done, so I will tell what i can remember. Today we went to lagoon! We have our passes and love going. We will be there tons this summer for sure! One thing we do a ton of in the summer is sports camps. I have already been to two. One at Layton High and one at Dixie College. The Dixie one was more like a tournament than a camp. My team and all the other older layton teams stayed at a hotel, swam, and played tons of basketball games all week! My dad also came to help coach and it was fun to have him there! It was lots of fun and I can't wait for next year. Rustyn also went to a layton high basketball and football camp. The football camp was on the news and Rus was showed quite a few times. We have tons more camps to attend before the summer ends. Kami has kept busy by running around to all her older siblings sporting events and my team has come to love her and treat her like one of the teammates, and she loves that! Hope everyone else has been having a great summer, and i will try very hard to keep updated! =)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Some More Updates

The last couple of weeks have been quite busy. Here are some of the things that have happened recently:

-Rustyn turned 10! double digits!
For Rustyn's birthday he just had some fun playdates with his cousins. Then my dad took him and the family to Tepanyaki for some yummy dinner! One of his presents was a mini fridge, he loves it and keeps it stalked with treats!

-Kamryn turned 6!! YAY
For Kami's birthday she went to Jungle Jims with her friends and cousins. They rode all the rides so many times, but had a blast! And my dad also took the family to LoneStar steak house! Kam got a ton of things including: ipod, DS games, clothes, ihome for her ipod, and tons of other things. Spoiled little girl=)

-Our aunt, uncle, and cousins came home from Indiana!
Brett, Amanda, Jane, Tobe, and Ali came home for Adam and Steph's wedding! It was so fun to see them. They only stayed for a week but they will be back soon and will be staying for a whole month next time for my grandpa's wedding. We can't wait to see them again!

- My new aunt Stephanie had her bridle shower
The shower was held at my aunt Dawn's house she did a fantastic job getting the shower ready for Steph. Steph looked way pretty and the shower went great!

-My unlce Adam and aunt Steph got married this weekend
They were married in the Salk Lake Temple Saturday afternoon. We waited patiently in the waiting room coloring and eating pretzels and sweddish fish=) When they were finished we all took pictures and headed home. Later that night was the reception. It was very pretty. The night kinda seemed long, but thank heavens for the kids room. The kids room had stuff to play with and color on and a TV. We all watched the Incredibles! Later that night while everyone was dancing me, 2 of my uncles, my aunt, and some cousins decorated Adam's car. I thought we did a very good job and it was tons of fun. Adam was surprised to see oreos, marshmellows, strings, and crazy drawings all over his car. The night ended and the bride and groom headed off and are now on there way to Costa Rica! Yay! Congrats Adam and Steph!

Right now I am at my grandma Dianes house, while my dad, uncles, brother, cousin, aunt, and grandpa are out golfing. I am not really in the typing mood and hopefully everything I wrote makes sense. I am going to get on facebook now, cya :D

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Facebook has Taken Over!

I haven't updated my blog in a very long time! But I have to say, I am addicted to facebook and just haven't found time for my blog anymore. So I am just going to say a few updates about our family. Rustyn finished his competition basketball league, and his team took first! I just finished my competition basketball league and we won 8 games and lost 2, but we did a lot better than we expected to do, and this season was my first time fouling out, hehe! Kami has been meeting lots of new friends and has been having tons of "playdates" with them, she also just finished soccer and she is quite the soccer player. My dad has come up a lot lately and we have been hanging out with him tons! We have lots of fun things planned for the summer and can't wait for school to get out!! Yahoo!! I will try to be better about updating my blog at least once a week. Darn Facebook:)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Always Something New:)

Tay I have to help you stay on top of this blog thing. I have to say I had one of the best weekends this past weekend. The kids and I got to hang out at Grandma and Grandpa's for the Henefer Tournaments! We also got to hang out with Gina and Ed which was fun to meet Ed and get to know him. Ed is a cool guy and we hope we get to see more of him. Anyway the weekend was sort of busy but very relaxing at the same time. I not only had a good time with the family but my time with the kids was so much fun. My kids are great! I'm not exactly sure what made the weekend so good... I guess it was a compilation of many events (no it wasn't me hitting the winning shot on Friday night, nor the airball the next night, lol) Just a great weekend.

Kamryn came to Jackson with me on Sunday. She was only with me for a day but we had fun. I have to tell a funny story. So Kamryn is a good sport about my busy work schedule and just kind of goes with the flow. She really is a daddy's girl and I love it. Anyway Monday morning was hectic and we got a late start to the day which meant a late breakfast. We had a fun day together running around to various places getting my work done so we could get to Rustyn's game. We finally finished work and made it to Rustyn's bball game on Monday night. I returned home that same night and got in late. The next morning I was sitting on my couch catching up on a little ESPN and saw an apple that I had left on my coffee table a few days earlier. The apple appeared fine so I proceeded to pick up the apple and remove the sticker to have what would most likely be my breakfast. As I peeled back the sticker I noticed what I intially thought was a bruise or cut on the apple. Further inspection revealed two small teeth marks, apparently Kamryn got hungry waiting for me on Monday morning, decided to try the apple but it must not have been to her liking so she put the sticker back on the apple covering up her little bite. I guess she thought dad would never know. :) I called Kamryn after school to give her a hard time, she told me "sorry, I got hungry but the apple wasn't that good." I miss those little things that happen in my kids daily lives but I'm so thankful for the times when I do get to experience them. I love my little Kamryn, my teenage daughter, and my rockstar athelete Rus. Love you guys. Dad.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nothin New

I don't really have anything to say..but just because it drives me insane when other people don't update their blogs I am going to right something just for the heck of it! :) I have spent a lot of my time on facebook! Now that I think of it, its really not that great, but for some reason I am always on it. I know I need to get a life! Well this weekend my dad is going to come get Rus, Kam, and I and we are going to the Henefer Tournaments. I am really excited to go see my old friends and be with my family. Rustyn has recently started a competition basketball team and will be starting soccer soon for Strikers. Kami is going to quit gymnastics at the end of the month and start dance, maybe she will like that a little better. It has been really warm! I love it! Its great to get some of the summer clothes out and wear flip flops and and light jackets again. Summer is on its way! We all are doing great, and I really don't have much else to say. I will try to be better at posting more blogs and having something exciting to say. :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our Vacation!

We each are going to post a paragraph about our vacation!

Taylor: This vacation has been great! The flight was good, but long and we got picked up at the airport and got to ride in a cadillac on our way to the hotel. About 5 minutes away from the hotel is Downtown Disney. It has lots of restraunts and little shops. We spent our first day in Orlando there, and when we returned we went swimming. One event during the trip was we got to go on a kayak tour and were surrounded by dolphins! They are now my favorite animals:) I am very sad to have to leave the sun and return to school, but I have had a fantastic time! Thanks Dad!

Kamryn: I have been a little sick, but I am feeling better now. My favorite part of the vacation was seeing the dolphins and ocean creatures on our kayak safari. My favorite ride was in Epcot. It was really cool because it took our picture and put it in a little show that showed the future. I got to play in the ocean when we went to the beach! It was way fun. I loved when we got to have room service. I liked to see Goofy, Minnie, and Pluto at the character breakfast.

Rustyn: we went kaykaing it was fun we saw lots of dolphins and 1 manatee. I was the captain
the guide said. We found i found a pretty big one. there were birds that would fly up in the sky look for fish and shoot down about 50 mph in the water and catch them. we went in a tunnel and it was really cramped but we managed to get through it. in one part it was really shallow and three people got stuck! kami was excited, and so was everbody else.

Dad: As the kids have mentioned we have had quite an adventure. I love being with the kids like this, just us and a blank schedule:) We started the vacation with an evening of shopping and dinner at Downtown Disney. Later the kids talked me into a late night swim and hot tub soak, they love the water. Friday was our big day at Disney's Magic Kingdom, I gave the kids a choice of Adventure Land or Magic Kingdom. As usual it was a lot of walking but tons of fun. Kamryn and I were both battling colds so it was a bit of a long day, good weather and fun but long. Saturday we decided to do something different so we rented a car, got up early and drove to Cocoa Beach. We did a 3 hour Kayak tour in a place called Thousand Islands. Kam and I had a tandem boat, Tay had her own, and Rustyn got to ride with our guide Mickey. We paddled our way around the ocean harbor weaving in and out of trees and other boats. The kayak tour was incredible, we were able to get within 15 feet of several dolphins, stingrays, and other aquatic creatures. It was such a great time together without the crowds. We of course finished the day at the beach then drove back to Orlando for room service and some tv:) Today was our day at Epcot, the weather was not very good, in fact we were all pretty cold all day, despite the cold we had fun and today was actually kind of a "goofy" day. Kam and I both felt great today and since the park wasn't too crowded we had a good time. I love embarassing my kids, it is so easy to do:) We have been debating whether to squeeze in another theme park or Sea World tomorrow before we leave. Our flight leaves late in the afternoon so we have time but at the end of the day we all decided to take advantage of the hotels tennis courts, basketball courts, pools, and game rooms and just take it easy for our last day. In hind site on more day in Orlando would probably have been perfect but our time together has been well spent. This vacation has been the first time since the divorce that I have really done something with just the kids and I. Yes we have had other vacations but there has always been something or someone around (work, friends, family, etc.) I wanted to see what it would be like with just us. I wasn't sure what to expect but I can tell you I did not expect the bitter sweetness of the vacation. Disney is a family place and although we are a family, we are a family with a missing piece. I did not expect this to effect me the way it has.... Life is different but my kids are amazing and I'm so proud of them and love every minute I'm with them. We are going to try and download a few photos unless they talk me into ordering pizza and treats:)